For a long time, the kitchen backsplash was just like your bathroom backsplash. It was made of the same material as your countertop and extended about 4” above it. For the past 20 years backsplashes have been mostly tile and extend from the countertop to the bottom of the top cabinet. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you should know about some of these new kitchen backsplash trends and talk with your remodeling company about which ones may fit in with your style and budget.


As industrial style homes continue their popularity, so does metal throughout the home. One place it previously wasn’t considered was as a backsplash. Copper and tin are both popular. If you choose copper remember that over time it will patina. If you have a smaller kitchen, some metals can reflect light which can make the space feel bigger.


Of all the kitchen backsplash trends, this one is exploding in popularity. As more people choose wood floors, exposed beams and other natural elements in their home, a wood backsplash is a nice touch. Although wood and water don’t mix well, as long as you keep it properly maintained, you shouldn’t have an issue with it.

Granite, Marble & Quartz

Remember how we used to have a backsplash that was the same material as our countertops? That’s a trend again, except, rather than just 4” you add the countertop material from the countertop to the cabinets.

Brick & Stone

Any kitchen with a historical style (including farmhouse) looks great with brick or stone as the backsplash. It adds texture and color. One of the biggest bonuses with this trend is that there is little maintenance.


This is a tough trend for some people to consider. Afterall, it’s not as durable as some of the other kitchen backsplash trends and you’ll have to keep it clean to enjoy the styling. However, if you have a modern or contemporary kitchen, consider a colored glass.

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