The last thing you want in your home remodeling is for the space you just remodeled to look or feel dated. However, you also don’t want to follow all the trends because, by definition, at trend is change to develop in a general direction. Trends don’t always stick around. If you try too hard to be “on trend” you’ll end up with a dated space sooner rather than later.

Since the major paint manufacturers have all released their colors and color pallets of the year, we’re going to spend some time in these next few articles looking at how you can incorporate the current décor trends, including trending colors without creating an overly trendy space. We’re going to start by sharing some of our favorite colors that work in just about any space you’re planning a home remodeling project in. Next week we’ll focus on bathroom remodeling and the following week, we’ll share some trends in the kitchen for 2020.

Master Bedroom

If you’re remodeling, whether that means reconfiguring the space, adding new flooring and then completely redecorating with new furnishings and paint or just updating the colors with new curtains, comforter and paint, you want to have a space that’s relaxing. Both Valspar and Benjamin Moore’s color pallets for 2020 include many great options.  Winter Calm from Valspar is a great neutral that can work with just about any style or color furniture. If that’s too neutral and you want a little color, look at Crystalline or Buxton Blue from Benjamin Moore for inspiration.

Bathroom Remodeling

We’ve remodeled many bathrooms and right now the biggest trend in master bathrooms is that the relaxing and peaceful feeling of the bedroom continues into the master bath. If you’re going for a peaceful beachy or ocean vibe in your master bath, look at Light Drizzle from Behr. If you want bold like the night’s sky, go for Sherwin William’s 2020 color of the year Naval.

Kitchen Remodeling

Perhaps the most popular home remodeling project is the kitchen. Depending on the style you’re going for, the paint on your walls will vary. Ideally, you want a color that are cheerful and calming. Have you ever noticed how many restaurants include oranges, yellows and earth tones? It’s because they want you to slow down and enjoy your meal. Rhumba Orange, Red Pepper and Spider Spice from Behr are all great options. The Heart color pallet from Sherwin Williams is a fantastic color pallet to help you design your new kitchen.

Whole Home Remodeling

Depending on how open a floor plan you have and how the rooms flow together, you may want to choose just one color throughout your space. The benefit of one color is that the space feels larger and more cohesive. By using different accent colors in the different rooms, you can create division.

Paint colors are an important part of any home remodeling project but they are rarely the first element of a remodel a homeowner chooses. Jamco Unlimited can help you with every bit of your design so that you love your new space, whether it’s just a small bathroom or your entire home. Call us today and learn about our home remodeling services – (727) 412-8524.