Because we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners survive their kitchen remodel, we thought we’d put together some tips for you. Although the average kitchen remodel takes about eight weeks, there are ways to make not having a full kitchen easier on your entire family. Here are our tips.

Plan Ahead

There is a lot of planning you should do before your remodeler starts their work. Here are our suggestions:

  • Find a place in your home to set up a temporary kitchen.
  • Decide if you’re going to be washing dishes or using disposable items and stock up.
  • Organize the essentials and set them aside before you pack up the rest of the space.
  • Select meals that can be cooked on the grill, in the microwave, crockpot and an Instapot and make sure you have all the tools necessary to complete the meals.

You’ll also need to talk to the remodeler about where your refrigerator can go and have them move it before they do anything else.

Know the Work Schedule

A good remodeler will lay out a timeline for you. Although things will flex depending on availability of plumber, electricians and supplies, your remodeler knows what’s going on day to day. Make sure they’re communicating with you regularly. When you know the schedule, you can better be prepared for what’s to come that day or week.

There will be days, like during demolition, when you won’t want to be in the house. You may not want your pets there either. Knowing when certain phases are happening will help you make alternate arrangements. Some days will be difficult to remain in the home, like when the plumber has to turn the water off for hours at a time. Good communication with the site manager will help you make timely plans that help your family survive each phase of your kitchen remodel.

Choose Experience

Don’t let just any contractor perform your kitchen remodel. You want one with significant experience in kitchen remodeling. First, they have a process. The process will help the remodel go smoothly and help their teams communicate. They also have the contacts and suppliers to provide high quality products and services. Lastly, they know how to incorporate or work around the unexpected.

Jamco Unlimited are the experienced remodelers you want to call when you’re considering a kitchen remodel. We have a process that ensures efficiency, communication and expertise. We’re ready to talk to you about your remodel, on the phone, a video chat or in person. Call (727) 412-8524 today to schedule your free initial consultation.