We understand that one of the biggest hesitations for many for starting a bathroom remodeling project is being able to stay withing the budget. Although you know what you want in your new bathroom, you may find that what you want is out of your budget. There are ways to still have a great looking and functioning bathroom and stick to a budget.

Rethink Your Vanity

Although many master bathrooms have dual vanities, they come with twice the expense over one vanity. One cost saving idea is to choose a single wide vanity with two sinks. The cost savings comes from one cabinet, less overall countertop and often removes the need to run an additional water line to another area of the bathroom. And an added benefit is that you can add a nice wide drawer stack where in most single sink vanities, the drawers are narrow.

Choose a Different Tub

Tubs vary greatly in size, shape and price. A whirlpool tub will almost always cost more than a standard tub. If your estimate is just a bit over your bathroom remodeling budget, this is a great way to get under it without sacrificing the style or finishes you want. If you really think about it, you may realize that you haven’t used your existing whirlpool tub in ages and that you don’t really need it.

Keep Your Existing Layout

Unless you’re adding on to your bathroom or moving it, chances are good that with just a few tweaks that don’t require a plumber or extensive work by an electrician, you can keep your existing layout. This makes a significant difference in your bathroom remodeling estimate.

Reconsider Your Tile

Floor and shower tile prices vary greatly. Sometimes it’s because of where the tile is manufactured and sometimes it’s because of the cost of installation (larger and small format tiles cost more to install). Of course, the pattern you choose for installation can also impact the cost due to the amount of overage you’d need.

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