Have you looked at your small bathroom and wished you could update it, but thought that remodeling it would be a waste because it’s so small? There are ways to increase the appearance of small bathroom and make it more functional no matter how big or small it really is. In fact, the average bathroom is just 5X7 feet, but there are several tricks an experienced bathroom remodeling company can do to help it appear larger. Here are a few.

Add a Window

If the bathroom is on an outside wall, a window can make a big difference. Even if it’s just a transom window above the shower, natural light and being able to see the outside expands the room. If a window isn’t an option, consider a skylight or solar tube.

Remove Barriers

Barriers are anything that break up the space. If you have a cabinet that sits on the vanity, simply removing it can make the room feel bigger. Another common barrier people often think of as a necessity is the shower curtain. Consider a glass shower door rather than a curtain. Being able to see through the wall of the shower adds a few feet to the room.

Create Lines

There are several ways to do this. The most common is with floor tile. Choose a thin but longer tile and lay it perpendicular to the door’s threshold and you’ll artificially lengthen the room. Wood look tile flooring is an excellent option. Also, talk to your bathroom remodeling company about a tile design on the wall that also creates the illusion of length. The tile you choose in the shower can also make a room feel bigger especially when you switch out square tiles for rectangle ones like subway tiles. 

Keep the Colors Light

One thing you can do without a bathroom remodeling company is repaint. This can include repainting the cabinets in addition to the walls. Lighter and cool colors make a space feel bigger. If you are remodeling, keep the colors fairly monochromatic to help the elements blend into one another.

If you are ready to work with a bathroom remodeling company on your bathroom remodel, big or small, call Jamco Unlimited. We have remodeled countless bathrooms and our talented designers can help you create a space that looks bigger and meets your needs and budget. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 for your free initial consultation.