You don’t have to live with overflowing drawers or countertops covered in clutter. The more people who use a bathroom means more stuff and that can lead to a mess. After all, it’s the smallest room in the house and one that we use every day, multiple times a day. If you’re not ready for a bathroom remodel but need to make some changes, here are some ideas that may help.

Donate, Trash, or Sell

How many blow-dryers do you really need? When was the last time you used that set of towels? Simply going through each drawer and cabinet will help you realize how much is in your bathroom that you really don’t use or need anymore. Figure out how to get it out of your home and let it go!


Now that you have less in the space, it’s time to organize what you have. There are many off the shelf organizers that can greatly improve storage. Some fit into drawers while others go in or on your vanity. Be sure to measure the inside dimensions of your drawers including the height before you head out to make purchases.

Re-Think the Fold

If you have a linen closet in your bathroom, re-think how you’ve been folding your towels all these years. If you’re leaving a few inches of shelf space in front of each stack, you have wasted space. Try folding them a different way to maximize the depth of your storage. Some people find that folding towels in half and rolling them is an efficient use of space. Consider folding washcloths in half rather than quarters for a more stables stack.

Look Up

If you have even one door in your bathroom, a shelf above it can be a great place for less used items. Build a shelf and buy a few baskets and you’ve created a neat decorative space and more storage. Also look above closet doors for wasted space.


If a complete bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget, consider a new vanity with better storage options. Although the cost depends on the size vanity, you may find that for less than $1000 you can improve your storage and refresh the look of your space.

Of course, when it’s time for a bathroom remodel, call Jamco Unlimited. We’re the bathroom magicians who can turn your wasted space into useful space and help your bathroom look great and clutter free all the time. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 for your free consultation.