Bathroom remodeling isn’t like kitchen remodeling where there are countless styles that have a name. Instead, people often tell us that they want a modern bathroom remodel or a spa-like remodel. That doesn’t always tell us what they’re looking for as far as style goes. However, you can have a modern bathroom remodel in just about any style when you include these elements.

Natural Light

In many previous blogs we’ve talked about the importance of natural light. Because adding a window costs a builder money, it’s not something they often do unless a homeowner requests it. However, if your bathroom doesn’t have a window but there is an outside wall or direct access to the roof, we can add natural light. In a small bathroom, we can add a transom or other small to your shower. In larger bathrooms we can add a light above a garden tub. Depending on your attic and roof above your bathroom, we may be able to add a skylight or solar tube.

Use of Stone

Most people know they want natural stone countertops and choose granite or quartz. Although both are still a great option, a more modern stone approach is to use marble throughout the bathroom. Not only as countertops but also as the floors and walls of your shower. You can choose slabs or marble that’s precut into tiles and laid like traditional tile. The benefit of choosing a slab is that there are few grout lines to clean. Other ways to incorporate natural stone include a vessel sink and stone above a garden tub rather than tile.


There are virtually countless ways to incorporate metal into your bathroom remodeling project. From choosing a soaking tub with a metal exterior to metal backsplash rather than tile. Some cabinet companies even make vanities with metal cabinet and drawer fronts. Metal countertops are also an option, but keep in mind they require a lot of cleaning. Of course, if you just want a little, consider metal cabinet knobs and perhaps a vessel sink made of metal.  

Modern bathroom remodeling means something different to everyone. We’d love to help you figure out how to transform your old and dated bathroom into something new that feels modern to you while working for your family’s needs. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 to schedule your free consultation.