For some homeowners a kitchen remodel can feel overwhelming. Your designer is there to help you, but the decision for colors comes down to personal taste and product availability. Because you’ll spend time in your kitchen most days and you may even entertain there, you want the space to feel good to be in.

Primary and Secondary Colors

Most designers recommend two primary colors that are neutral and complimentary with a secondary color as an accent. By doing that you’ll have a space that feels harmonious with a little pop. Here are a few color ideas to help get you started:

  • Black and white for primary with a rich blue secondary
  • Walnut and beige plus gold
  • Off white and brown with burgundy
  • Tan and white with red

Primary Elements

Once you’ve chosen the colors for your kitchen remodel, you’ll want to choose which elements are in each color. You want your cabinets, flooring and countertops to have the primary colors you’ve chosen because they’re the largest elements in your space. Avoid cabinets and flooring that are the same color.

Because granite and quartz countertops often have multiple colors, they’re a great element to start with. When you find a countertop you love, you can then coordinate your flooring and cabinets to your counters. Plus, you may even find a countertop option with a perfect secondary color!

Secondary Elements

Depending how much of your secondary color you want in your kitchen will determine which elements you choose with that color. If you want a lot, you may choose wall paint or your backsplash in that color. If you just want a hint of color, cabinet knobs or decorative accessories on your walls or countertops may be enough for your taste.

One of the best parts of a kitchen remodel is bringing your vision for the space to life. It’s ok if you start out thinking you want one set of colors but change during the design process. That’s one of the many benefits to using Jamco Unlimited as your kitchen remodeling company. We have many different manufacturers we work with so you have a large selection of options. Our designers can guide you every step of the way so that you love your new kitchen. Call us today to get started on your kitchen remodel! (727) 412-8524