As you begin considering a kitchen remodel, you’ll likely watch the home improvement shows and look through Houzz. Those are great places to find color schemes and solutions to your current kitchen problems. If you don’t have the time to spend looking around, here are some of the top ideas we’ve implemented in some kitchen remodels recently.

Bar/Wine Area

If you love hosting events, consider a bar area. They can range from complex and fancy with an ice machine and mini-fridge for cocktails or a specialized wine refrigerator to keep your wine at the perfect temperature. Other options include cabinets with wine glass holders, glass front cabinets to showcase your liquor collections and built in cutting boards for garnishes.

Electric Solutions

With so many more electric products in our kitchens from Instapots to air fryers and cell phones and tablets, the current outlets may not be sufficient.  One solution to the smaller electronic gadgets is a charging drawer. It has outlets in the back and you lay your devices in the drawer and the cords and devices are out of site.

If that’s not to your taste or you don’t want to sacrifice a drawer, consider adding an outlet or two with both a traditional electrical outlet and USB ports. And, if you don’t charge devices in the kitchen one easy to solution to more outlets is a four-gang box rather than just two.

Prep Sink or Pot Filler

Depending on how you cook, you might want to consider one or both of these additions to your kitchen. A pot filler (especially one with an instant hot water heater below) is a great way to get water boiling fast. No more lugging a large pot of water from the sink to the stove, just set it down and turn on the water.

If you like to cook with fruits and vegetables, you may want a prep sink. This keeps you and anyone doing dishes separated during the meal preparation. Of course, if you choose either of these options, you’ll likely need a plumber for the job, but they’re well worth it for people who cook a lot.

Modern Appliances

Even if your appliances still work, you might want to look into modern appliances. Today you can get a dishwasher that’s barely louder than running water in the sink. Ovens that have smart technology allow you to preheat the oven on your way home form work and throw in whatever you’re baking right when you walk in the door. Some refrigerators have cameras that allow you to look inside when you’re at the grocery store. Consider some of these options for your kitchen remodel and you’ll have a space you truly love for years to come. Jamco Unlimited is ready to help you get started on your remodeling needs. We handle big and small remodels to just about any area of your home. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 for your free in-home consultation.