If you look at your closet and wish you had more space, you might be making the wrong wish. Sometimes, it’s a matter of having better space or the right kind of space. Part of our goal when we work with our customers is to create a space the provides the right kind of storage for their needs. That means something different for every homeowner, which is why the closet in a box isn’t a good option for most.

Reasons for a Closet Remodel

It may seem like a frivolous expense but according to an article in Fashion United, we only wear a small percentage of the clothes we own. This may be because we can’t see what we have or because we aren’t organized to find coordinating outfits. If you can see the potential because your tops are hung together and pants or skirts are nearby, we might be more inclined to choose a different outfit.

Another reason for a custom closet is if you have a growing family. When two or more kids share a room, having defined space for each person’s clothing can make for fewer battles and better organization. Custom closets aren’t just for mom and dad.

Elements to Consider

The first thing you should do is look at your current closet. Do you have lots of space available for hanging garments but not enough space for shoes? Are you more of an accessory person with lots of belts, scarves and purses that you wish you could organize? Taking a quick inventory of what works and doesn’t in your current space is a great way to get started.

After that, contact a closet remodeling company and have them give you a free consultation. They’ll be able to give you some ideas about your existing space and let you know if they can also enlarge your space if that’s something you’re interested in. Some elements of custom closets include:

  • Divided shelving
  • Drawers for just about everything
  • Shoe storage
  • Mirror
  • Cabinets (they keep the dust off of purses and other accessories)
  • Hanging space

Of course, when you work with a remodeling company, they can also add sufficient lighting, move the door and install a safe for jewelry if that’s something you’re interested in.

Jamco Unlimited Offers Custom Closets

We’re known as the kitchen and bath magicians but we also do amazing work on custom closets. Because we’re a full-service remodeling company, we can move or remove walls and make significant changes that the closet in a box services don’t offer. For us custom really means custom. Call us today for your free consultation for any of our remodeling services – (727) 412-8524.