If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you might have told your kitchen remodeler that one of your must haves is an island. Because an island is a versatile option that can add much needed counter space and storage, many homeowners look to add one to their kitchen remodel. Unfortunately, when you add an island you often lose space somewhere else in the kitchen, often the eating area. If you’re planning on using the island as your informal eating space, here are some ideas you may not have considered.

Create a Booth

If the back side of the island is at least 60” you can make it one side of your table. Have your kitchen remodeler build a bench that is the right height for your current table. If you need additional storage, ask about drawers at each end or a lift up seat.

Fixed Bar Stools

For a fun retro look in your kitchen, consider a bar stool like you might find at an old fashion soda fountain. You can find these on many online outlets in all sorts of colors and styles. By having them fixed to the floor, they always look neat.

Rustic Charm

One of the most popular kitchen remodeling styles continues to be the farmhouse kitchen. If you have selected this option for your remodel, consider finding chairs for your bar’s countertop and either giving them a rustic finish with some chalk paint or finding some that are already well loved.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color or Patterns

Choosing a bar stool or bar chair with some color can be a fun way to add some style or visual interest. If your kitchen is monochromatic and your living space has a particular color, consider bar seating that ties the rooms together. Using the same pattern on your bar seating as a chair or pillow in the living space is another great way to bring two spaces together visually.

No matter what style, color or size seating you choose, make sure that it’s comfortable. More than ever families use that space for homework, socializing and entertaining, so you want people be comfortable sitting in the chairs. You should also make sure that you have the right number of seats. Confirm with your kitchen remodeling company the width and then consider the right seating quantity. Although the minimum recommendation is 24” per person, that really doesn’t leave much room, 32”- 36” is a more comfortable seating arrangement, especially for adults.

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