time for a bathroom remodelYou’re sitting in your current bathtub wishing for a spa tub that’s deep enough that you can truly relax in. You know that just because you don’t love your bathtub that’s probably not a good enough reason to move forward with your dreams. How do you decide if now is the right time to undergo a bathroom remodel? If you have the budget but need a real sign it’s time to start, here are five signs it’s time to contact a bathroom remodeling company for your new space.

1.      Broken Tile and Peeling Laminate

If you have laminate flooring and it’s peeling, chances are good you also have water damage. Peeling laminate doesn’t protect your subfloor well and you may end up with dry rot which eventually leads to big issues. Broken tile is the same way. If it’s in your shower floor, you may already have water leaking to the space below causing more extensive damage.

2.      Space Doesn’t Work for Your Family

Families change and grow. If your two little ones shared the bathroom just fine as toddlers but you now have teens, two sinks might be helpful. Or, it might save some time in the morning if the shower and toilet were in a separate space from the sink. Your bathroom remodeling company can help design a space that works for your family.

3.      Storage Issues

We all have more stuff than ever before. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough storage or the right kind of storage, a remodel can address that situation. Newer vanities have custom drawers with built-in storage and pull out shelving that can turn the same space into more usable space.

4.      Unusable Elements

Older sinks were cast and coated. Eventually they begin to rust and eventually get a hole in them. The same goes for some tubs. Do your fixtures not work and replacing them has proved difficult? If you’re not able to use your bathroom, remodel it.

5.      It’s Dated

No matter how much the previous owner loved their pink wall tile, it’s not coming back in style. Although a dated space might not be the best reason for calling a bathroom remodeling company, it’s a completely valid one. Even if you don’t move any plumbing or fixtures, bringing the space into this decade will make you feel better in it.

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