As you research remodeling companies and learn about each one, you’ll quickly find that few have an electrician, plumber, drywaller or other specialized tradesperson on staff. You may begin to wonder about doing the project yourself and hiring the subcontractors as you need them. This often isn’t a great idea. Here are five reasons you should hire a remodeling company for your next remodeling project.

1.      Time Savings

If you try the DIY approach and sub out what you need, chances are good that the project will take significantly longer than if you had hired someone to begin with. This is because remodeling companies have relationships with their subcontractors and know when they’ll need them throughout the process. This makes the project go more quickly and more smoothly.

2.      Warranties

When you do it yourself or even sub out each part of the job, you won’t have the workmanship warranty offered by a professional. If something goes wrong, it’s on you to fix. Some manufacturers require that a licensed professional install the product in order to take advantage of their warranty. Doing it yourself becomes a risk you may not want to take.

3.      Superior Products

Because remodeling companies partner with different distributors, they can install higher quality products for similar prices to what you can get through a big box store. One example is your cabinets. Many cabinet manufacturers only sell to their distributors so they know they’re sized properly and installed right.

4.      Experience

Successful remodeling companies have experience in design and installation. They’ll make sure that you get everything you want out of your new kitchen or bathroom. Their experience helps makes sure that the cabinets fit, the countertop looks great and you love your new space when the project is complete.

5.      Cost Savings

As you gather price quotes and look at doing it yourself, you may think you can get the job done for less, but you may find that once you hire the subcontractors, pay for permits, take time off to wait for inspectors, pay for a dumpster rental or waste disposal fees at the local dump, your remodeling company really is saving you money.

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