When you know it’s time for a bathroom remodel you may not think much beyond a color pallet or style. You may only think about the basics. However, you and your remodeling company should think about the little things that can make a big difference in how you love your new bathroom for years to come. Here are a few things to think about including.

Splurge on More than Just an Upgraded Showerhead

Unless you’re planning a simple drop in tub/shower combo, you need to look at how to elevate your shower. Think beyond just an upgraded showerhead. Consider multiple shower heads. Maybe a rainfall one and a standard in wall shower head. What about jets that provide a water massage while you’re showering?

The Shower Niche

Another great feature is the shower niche. Add a place for all the things you want and need in the shower. Think about your shampoo and conditioner. How big are they? Make sure your bathroom remodeling company designs a space that hold what you want it to hold.

A Seat that Can Really Be Sat On

We also love the idea of a shower seat that’s actually deep enough for someone to sit on. It seems that many are barely 8” deep which doesn’t make sense. If you’re going to add a shower seat, don’t skimp. Make sure it’s at least 12” but preferably around 15”.

Silent Exhaust Vent

Did you know that there are bathroom exhaust fans that are so quiet you’ll barely know that they’re on? Every shower area should have an exhaust fan that removes the humid are from the bathroom which prevents mildew growth. However, choosing one that’s nearly silent will make for a more enjoyable time in the bathroom.

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