We all use our bathrooms several times a day. When you don’t love yours, or it doesn’t suit your family’s needs, you may begin to think about remodeling. We’ve seen (and fixed) many bathroom remodeling mistakes, which is how today’s topic came up. If you avoid these common mistakes, you should love your new bathroom for many years to come.

Be Realistic with the Space

One of the most common complaints with bathrooms is the size as the average bathroom is under 50 square feet. There are two ways to make yours bigger, either by taking space from adjoining room or through an addition. If your bathroom remodeling budget doesn’t have room for this type of change, talk to your remodeler about rearranging the tub, toilet and sink. Sometimes removing a linen closet and adding more countertop and vanity storage can solve your space needs.

Choose the Right Products

Although you may have seen a cabinet line you love, not all cabinets or finishes are meant for the moist environment of a bathroom. When you and your bathroom remodeling company begin to select elements, make sure they can withstand the humidity without warping or the finish peeling. Another common poor choice is in flooring, if you choose tile, make sure it’s slip resistant. If you choose another flooring material, make sure it can stand up to water.

Let There Be Light

Older bathrooms generally have one light source, a sconce style fixture above the vanity. A larger bathroom may also have a combination light and fan in the shower area. Don’t skimp on lighting in your remodel. If you can add natural light through a window, solar tube or skylight, consider that. Natural light makes any room feel bigger. If natural light isn’t an option, consider adding can lighting to the ceiling to provide light throughout the room.

Hire the Right Bathroom Remodeling Company

A bathroom remodel is a big undertaking. Hiring the right bathroom remodeling company can help ensure that you don’t end up with a bathroom blunder that costs thousands to fix or leaves you less than satisfied with the results.

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