As you start planning the elements for your kitchen remodel, you’ll likely be inspired by a tile, countertop or cabinet style. You’ll create a look with your kitchen remodeler based on whatever inspired you and that’s rarely the kitchen sink. Don’t leave choosing your sink until the very end as it’s a piece you will spend a great deal of time at and use nearly every day. Here are some tips to help you choose the right sink for your new kitchen.

Start with the Style

The style of your sink will be partially influenced by the overall style of your kitchen remodel. There are four main sink styles (plus the prep sink) including:

  • Undermount – This is the most popular option today especially when you have a natural stone countertop.
  • Drop-in or self rimming – Although this can be used with any type of countertop, it’s often used with laminate and solid surface materials.
  • Farmhouse – Although you can choose a farmhouse sink in any style kitchen, it’s most popular in a farmhouse or rustic style kitchen.
  • Integrated – Some quartz countertop manufacturers offer an integrated sink when selected during the manufacturing process.


For many decades, stainless steel was the most common material. It’s probable that you have either stainless steel or porcelain in your current kitchen. More often today, homeowners choose composite sinks because they come in many colors and don’t scratch or chip like porcelain and are easier to keep looking clean than stainless steel. Cast iron is another option, but not as common due to their weight and expense.

Size & Layout

For some homeowners, one thing they hate about their current sink is that they can’t put their favorite dish into the sink to wash or soak. If one of the reasons for your kitchen remodel is something like this, know the dimensions of that dish before you select your sink. Most sinks have either one or two compartments. The benefit of multiple compartments is that you can have one side for dirty dishes and the other can be used to wash hands, vegetables or drain pasta. If you decide on two or more compartments, you’ll need to decide if you want them to be equally sized or one larger than the others. It’s really a matter of personal preference and how you use your sinks.

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