We’ve been asked this question many times. This is one of those questions that doesn’t have a straightforward yes or no. It depends on many factors. The best way to decide it to meet with a design-build company in your home who is an expert in kitchen remodeling. Here are some things you’ll want to discuss with your kitchen remodeling company in order to decide.

How the Layout Works for You Now

This one should be pretty obvious. If the layout of your current kitchen has you constantly frustrated, simply replacing cabinets and countertops won’t solve this problem. Remember, keeping the same layout doesn’t mean the exact same layout, it just means keeping the appliances where they are. You may still be able to add an island or add seating to an existing counterspace with the same layout.

How New Cabinets Will Improve Storage

If your biggest complaint is that your cabinets don’t have the right kind of storage or that you wish you had more drawer space, keeping the same layout might be the right solution. Today’s cabinet manufacturers offer many more options than those used by most builders even ten years ago. Instead of cabinets, you can choose deep drawers with built in dividers. Or you can choose cabinets with pull out shelving to make every inch of the cabinet accessible.

Your Budget

Budget is one of the biggest factors you and your kitchen remodeling company will want to discuss. When you need to include a plumber, electrician and other specialists in a total kitchen remodel to move the stove and refrigerator, the cost increases significantly. Keeping the layout the same or tweaking it without requiring specialists, will likely fit your budget better.


Keep in mind that newer appliances may have different space requirements. For example, if you have a French door style refrigerator, discuss the style you’re hoping for before you finalize any plans. If you have recently replaced some of your appliances, make sure your kitchen remodeling company knows that you want to keep those as that will factor into their design.

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