If you’re remodeling your master bathroom and are trying to figure out the perfect shower, today’s blog is for you. As a bathroom remodeler who has seen many bad showers and transformed them, we have lots of solutions. Of course, we recognize that what is perfect for one couple, doesn’t work for another so here are many different options we’ve installed into homes over the years.

Doorless Showers

One of the biggest complaints with the horrible Florida water is cleaning the glass shower doors. A good bathroom remodeler has the knowledge to design a space that doesn’t require a curtain or door yet also doesn’t allow the water to splash all over the space. Two options are the walk-in and walk through shower. Both can be worked into nearly any space, often with multiple shower heads allowing for both partners to shower simultaneously.

Little or No Grout

Another common complaint is keeping the grout clean. There are a few options, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Large size tile – Large tile is an option that reduces the number of grout lines. One drawback is the cost of the material and installation.
  • Dark colorblend grout – Because tile comes in so many colors and designs, one option is to use traditional size tiles throughout but use a grout that coordinates with a color in the tile that is darker than the standard whites, creams, and light greys. This doesn’t stop the need for cleaning but makes the stains less apparent.
  • Consider marble – If you really don’t want grout, talk to your bathroom remodeler about marble instead of tile. Their stone fabricator can make sheets the right size and shape and sandblast the floor to reduce slip hazards.

Indirect Lighting

If you’re not a morning person but forced to get up five days a week at an ungodly hour to shower, create lighting that eases you into the day. You can add indirect lighting above the crown molding or lighting under your cabinets. Both give enough light to see but neither are harsh or bright. Indirect lighting is also great for your relaxing soaks in the tub.

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