Although choosing a color pallet, tile and vanity are certainly part of creating your dream bathroom, you also want it to work for you and your family. Even if you have a specific vision for your bathroom remodel, be sure to take these tips into consideration before you begin your remodel.

Put Features & Function Before Style

Think about what doesn’t work in your current bathroom. When you talk to your designer, talk about the features you want in your dream bathroom remodel. They may suggest small changes to your layout that will make the space more efficient. The designer may know of a product line that can provide the right solution.

Budget in Your Essentials

Everyone has different elements in any remodel they deem essential. Even though some of those “essentials” aren’t truly essential, if you’re going through the expense and inconvenience of a bathroom remodel, you should add in those elements you want. Some common ones include:

  • Multiple shower heads or shower jets
  • Heated towel bars
  • Bidet/toilet combination
  • Separate vanities or separation of toilet/bathing area from vanity
  • Built in shelving and seat in shower
  • Soaking tub or whirlpool style tub

If you plan from the beginning to add the features you really want in your new bathroom, you’ll be happier with the end result.

Layout & Finishes

Once you know the elements you need and want in your dream bathroom, your designer can get to work on a layout. If you’ve already have an idea of what style you want or at least a color pallet, the remodeling company can steer you toward some products that fit in with your vision. When you accept their layout and choose the vanity, tile, faucets and fixtures, they can provide you with a final quote for your bathroom remodel.

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