By far the biggest reason people undergo a kitchen remodel is because they don’t like the look of their current kitchen. Whether your kitchen is truly dated or you just don’t like its style, you want to make sure that you love what you choose for years to come. So, how do you avoid making design choice mistakes? Here are some tips from our designers for your new kitchen.

Look Around

Every time you’re in someone’s home, look at their kitchen. What stands out to you? What don’t you love? There’s nothing like seeing a space in real life to spark your inspiration. If you want inspiration outside your neighbors and friends, check out a new construction model home and take pictures of things you love in that new kitchen. You can even walk through open houses over a few weekends.

If time is an issue (or you don’t want to haul your kids around one Saturday), binge watch remodeling shows. Don’t be afraid to hit pause and take a picture. Also, check out blogs and sites like HOUZZ for their many inspirations.

Go to a Stone and Tile Store

Sometimes the hardest part is choosing a color pallet. Looking a granite, quartz and marble at a stone fabricator can give you a starting point. For others, finding the right tile backsplash is a great way to start building a color pallet. You don’t have to choose either one right now, you’re just looking for inspiration for your new kitchen.

Get Paint Guides

Head to your home improvement store and pick up some paint guides. Every paint manufacturer has booklets with examples of rooms with different color pallets. You can grab several at no charge and see what you love. Most also have small chips of colors that go well together. This is a very easy way to find some color inspiration which can help you get to a starting point.

Call Jamco Unlimited

Whether you know exactly the style you want for your kitchen remodel or need us to guide you through the process, call us at (727) 412-8524. We can design a look around the inspirations you found or we can show you the kitchens we’ve remodeled and help you find a style and color pallet you’re sure to love for years to come. Reach out today to schedule your in-home, virtual or showroom appointment.