All this month our blogs are going to feature the latest in design trends and ideas for your home remodel for 2019. Whether you’re looking to hire a remodeling company or try some DIY projects there’s sure to be an idea for you in one of our post this month, so be sure to check back every week. And just like styles in clothing, you’ll notice that some of what’s new is really quite old.


No, don’t worry, the popcorn ceiling is not one of those old things that’s come back around, but what has is ceiling details. Depending on the overall style of the room, or home, this can mean different things. In a formal dining room you might want a coffered ceiling. If you’re remodeling your kitchen into a cottage style or Mediterranean style, consider some exposed beams. They can really add to the overall look of a room.


Although granite is still popular, quartz is starting to surpass it in both kitchen and bathroom remodels. One of the biggest reasons is that quartz requires almost no maintenance and offers most of the benefits of granite. Another reason is that with quartz’s consistent coloring and patterns, it can give a neater look than a busy granite. The price is now comparable to mid-range granite as well.

Eclectic Light Fixtures

If you’re looking for an easy DIY change that can make a big impact in the room, consider changing out your light fixtures.  One place to look is with your local artisan group. Many repurpose items to make unique light fixtures. Another place to go is to a vintage store. The options available may be old, but they have a great look. Because this has recently become such a big trend, some manufacturers are adding unique and vintage pieces to their lines which is helpful if you need more than one piece of the same style.

Wall Coverings

Yes, this includes wallpaper. There really is no wrong wall covering it seems. From florals to matte finishes in wall paper to copper, natural stone and tile, you can add just about anything to your walls in 2019 and give your home a modern look. This is a great way to hide a wall with imperfections, however, remember that hanging things on a tile wall can be difficult.

If you’re looking for a home remodeling company to help you with some big changes in 2019, Jamco Unlimited can help. From small bathroom remodels to kitchen renovations and opening up your home’s floor plan, we want to be the remodeling company you call first. We offer a free initial consultation when you call (727) 412-8524.