If you caught our last blog that listed the top reasons people remodel, multigenerational home remodels are in two of the three categories we listed. With our aging population and the expense of independent living facilities, many families are choosing to live in multigenerational homes. However, not every home was designed for this and you may need a whole home remodel to make it work long-term.

Common Features of Multigenerational Homes

According to Norada, the average home size of homes for sale in Tampa is right around 1,800 square feet. New construction homes are nearly 1,000 square feet bigger. Of course, this data doesn’t speak to whether it’s configured to work for a multigenerational family. Here are some features in most multigenerational homes:

  • Dual master suites, with at least one on the main level
  • Large kitchen, often with oversized refrigerator and sometimes with two dishwashers
  • Living room (or great room) and bonus room for separate entertainment areas
  • Tankless or 80-100 gallon water heater

Some people undergoing a whole home remodel add a suite with a separate entrance. This gives their parents the feeling of their own living space while still being in close proximity.

Ways to Create the Home You Need

Your current home and property will greatly influence how you can create the space you need in your current home. One solution is to build up, especially if you currently have a single-story home. Often children’s bedrooms can be combined to create a second master on the ground floor. Then it’s a matter of constructing their new rooms on a new second floor.

Other times, the best solution is adding on to the home. An addition can be less expensive than building up. The biggest obstacle is in the neighborhood and city easement regulations. If that’s not an issue, once you and your designers decide where and how to incorporate the new space, it’s simply a matter of designing it and making it look and feel part of the original home design.

Jamco Unlimited Can Help

We may be best known as the kitchen and bathroom magicians, but we can help redesign your home so it works for your changing family. If you’re interested in learning more about a whole home remodel for your home, call us today at (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form.