remodeling mythsRemodeling shows are great to give you inspiration for your kitchen remodel but they aren’t always very realistic. We’ve talked to homeowners who don’t understand all the editing that goes into those shows. As a result, we’ve compiled the biggest misunderstandings we’ve heard about kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Myth #1 – I Can’t Afford It

Some of the remodeling shows put the budget of the project on the screen. Sometimes these budgets are obscene. Every project is different. If your kitchen remodel includes moving the stove, refrigerator and removing a wall, of course it’s going to cost more than keeping the same layout. If you have a reasonable budget, most remodeling companies can help you find solutions to make your new kitchen or bathroom work for you.

Myth #2 – The Remodeling Company Doesn’t Need Me Once I Sign Off

We’ve all seen the family give their wish list for their kitchen remodel and disappear until the big reveal. Remember, this is TV, it makes for a better show if they’re surprised also there’s a lot you’re not seeing in the weeks that the bathroom or kitchen remodel is taking place. Be involved. Check the progress every day. If something seems not quite right, speak up. It will save you loads of hassle in the long run.

Myth #3 – I Don’t Need Any of the Upgrades

Some upgrades are truly that, an upgrade. However, there are some elements that just make more sense in the design process. For example, if you want drawer organizers for your pots and pans, knives, and storage containers, it’s much better to do that with the cabinet company than buying things after the fact. The same goes for soft drawer and cabinet closures. Both will cost you less when you buy them up front.

Myth #4 – Any General Contractor Will Do

You really want to work with a remodeling company with experience in the type of remodel you’re looking for. Although general contractors do good work and one might be used on parts of your project, you want a company with experience designing bathrooms and kitchens if that’s what you’re remodeling. You also want a company who has access to leading products. That’s why you should always choose an experienced remodeling company like Jamco Unlimited.

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