The main purpose of any room’s lighting is to help you see to complete tasks. However, in the kitchen, you also want your lighting to compliment the room’s style. You and your kitchen remodeling company should discuss your lighting design in the planning phase in case you’ll need an electrician for added wiring. Here are some things you’ll want to talk about.

Recessed or Can Lighting

Almost every kitchen today has can lights. Older homes had florescent tube lighting, but can lights give you better light over a larger area. The purpose of the can lighting is to evenly light your kitchen so you can cook and clean. Almost every kitchen can accommodate recessed or can lights, if yours can’t and you still want even lighting but not florescent, look at track lights which have come a long way in style and design. When you add an LED bulb, you won’t have to worry about changing them for years and they don’t put out a lot of heat.

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is a very common option because it does so many things. If you choose cabinet lighting under your upper cabinets, it can help fill in dark spots under your cabinets which helps in food preparation. When used alone, it provides a soft light throughout the kitchen. Some homeowners add under cabinet lighting to the lower cabinets, while others choose above the top cabinets which can make the ceiling look higher or highlight décor you’ve placed on top of your cabinets. And, if you have glass front cabinets, adding lights within can show off your cabinets.

Drop Lighting

Pendants, chandeliers and other hanging lights are referred to as drop lighting. If your kitchen remodeling company added and island or peninsula to your kitchen design, they may recommend some sort of drop lighting over it. When you have an island that divides the two rooms, a hanging light can add to the feel of breaking up the space which you may or may not want. Just keep in mind that you’ll want those lights to compliment both room’s styles.

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