remodeling companyWhether you’re doing a small DIY renovation and updating just your fixtures or working with a remodeling company on a complete revamping of your bathroom, choosing the right finish for your hardware can be time consuming. You want something that works with the other design elements but you also don’t want much maintenance. Which finish is best for your space? There are four common materials, each with different finish options within them.


A long-time favorite of many. It’s among the least expensive finishes and has many style options. It fits with just about any décor. You can choose from a shiny finish (but be warned that every water spot will show) or a brushed finish. This is one of the least trendy finishes and works well if you’re replacing your faucets to better sell your home.


Sometimes nickel and chrome are mistaken for one another but chrome has a shinier appearance. Nickel finishes include polished, distressed, and satin. One of the most popular options today is satin nickel, especially for the bathroom. Distressed nickel is expensive but can really add to an old-world style remodel. Nickel takes little care and is easy to clean.


As a remodeling company, we often recommend this finish for a Mediterranean or Tuscan style remodel. Oil-rubbed bronze, especially, compliments either of these styles. Satin bronze is great if you have lots of little fingers in your home and don’t want to clean your door handles or faucets often. Aged bronze is another popular option that works especially well in a craftsman style home.


Among the most expensive finishes is brass. Polished brass requires persistent maintenance to keep it looking great. Homeowners tend to choose this more often for a bathroom than kitchen remodel. This finish is coming back around as a popular choice for many, but it can look trendy.

Of course, there are many other finish options. There tends to be fewer styles of fixtures and faucets in copper, matte black, and porcelain but they are available. If you’re simply changing out some faucets and fixtures to better sell your home, stick with chrome or nickel. However, if you’re working with a remodeling company, ask them what they think is best with the other elements you’ve chosen and your budget. Ultimately you should pick something you love.

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