Bathroom flooring materials have likely changed dramatically since your home was built or last remodeled. As you and your remodeling company work through which materials you want and style you’re looking for, you may wonder what the best flooring is for your new space. Here are some pros and cons of each of the most common bathroom flooring options.


By far the most popular flooring material in any bathroom remodel. Because tile flooring is available in so many styles – from wood look tile to patterns and solids – you can find something in tile that works with your vision. Depending what you choose, you may also find coordinating tile for your shower walls or want to use the same floor tile on the walls. Tile comes in a wide variety of price points meaning even a bathroom remodel on a budget can have tile. So why wouldn’t you want tile? It’s hard to stand on and sometimes will crack or chip when things are dropped on it. Some people also don’t like having to keep grout clean.


You may have already said you’ll never have vinyl flooring again. Before you decide you don’t want it for your bathroom remodel, you may want to check out Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). It may still be vinyl, but it’s nothing like what you may have had previously. First, it comes in many realistic looking patterns. Second, it’s budget friendly. Lastly, there’s no grout to clean, ever! Some negatives is that it doesn’t have as high a resale value as some other flooring materials and won’t last as long.

Natural Stone

Natural stone can look like tile or like natural stone. One option is marble with a textured finish to prevent slipping. Other more commonly considered options are:

  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Slate
  • Limestone

Because each of these stones have different looks, your bathroom remodel can have beautiful unique flooring. Make sure that the stone you choose is rated at least semi-vitreous your you’ll have a lot of maintenance. One down side is that if the stone isn’t properly prepared, it can be slippery. Natural stone can also be expensive.


Although wood floors can add a rustic touch to your bathroom remodel, remember that hardwood, engineered wood and laminate are not water friendly. Most wood flooring is found in hall bathrooms where there is less chance of water damage. If your bathroom remodel is to a hall bath and adjoins an area with hardwood, it might be the right option.

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