Bathroom countertops are one of the most visible parts of the space. There are many materials you can choose for your bathroom remodel, but not all are right for every family. If you’re not familiar with the different options and their pros and cons, this should help.


Most people have granite somewhere in their home. It’s durable as it resists staining and it takes a lot to chip it. It’s still a popular choice for any bathroom remodel as there are many options when it comes to color, patterns and price. The downside is it needs to be resealed periodically.

Quartz & Quartzite

Some people assume these are the same material, when, in fact they are not. The differences are significant and understanding them may make you choose one over the other. Quartz is a man-made material out of quartzite pieces, resin and dye. Heat, from curling irons and straighteners, can damage quartz but it requires little maintenance. Quartzite, however, is heat resistant, like granite, and a natural stone. It will require periodic sealing like granite.


Although not a first consideration for many, it’s a versatile option for a bathroom remodel. You can choose marble for your countertops as well as the shower area. If you’re not a meticulous cleaner, marble may not be the best option because it will stain.

Solid Surface

Once among the top countertop options in any bathroom, a solid surface countertop isn’t common anymore. One benefit is that it can contain a sink and be manufactured for any size. It often resembles marble as a result is often referred to as cultured marble. The downside is that it’s not great for resale.

Laminate & Other Options

Laminate is not a common option anymore, however, it’s budget friendly and there are many more styles, colors and patterns than ever before. Wood is an option, however, remember that wood and water don’t do well together so be sure to keep that in mind before you choose it. Tile is also a dated option. Many people look to replace a tile countertop in their bathroom remodel because of the issues keeping the grout clean. Lastly, metal countertops. They’re popular in industrial style remodels but you’ll have to meticulously wipe them down to keep them free of water spots.

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