Rarely do homeowners want to re-use their appliances in a kitchen remodel. It’s well known that today’s appliances are significantly more energy efficient than those even ten years old and have many more features. As you begin looking into options, you’ll have decisions to make beyond just the exterior color or brand. You’ll want to consider what features are important, what type of cooking you do and your budget. Here are some things to talk about with your remodeler as you move forward selecting your appliances.

Stove or Oven and Cooktop

Depending on the layout of your kitchen remodel, you’ll either need to choose a stove or an oven with a cooktop. If your home has gas and electric, you’ll need to make that choice as well. Many people who enjoy the art of cooking can’t imagine using anything other than gas to cook. If you prefer the clean look of a smooth top electric cooktop, you’ll need to make the choice between induction and standard electric. Keep in mind that induction cooking requires the right cookware.

When choosing an oven, you’ll have the option of traditional oven, convection oven and an oven that has both features. Convection cooking is faster and many proclaim it yields moister meat and crispier fries. You’ll also need to decide between gas and electric if you have both options at your home.


Side by side, bottom freezer, top freezer or French door are the most common refrigerator styles. Your kitchen’s layout may, in part, determine the best option for your kitchen remodel. The top and bottom freezer styles require more space due to the full width of the doors. A French door style has one or two pull out drawers beneath the dual-door refrigerator and requires nearly as much space. The side by side needs the least space to fully open the doors, however, you need the right clearance on both sides with this and the French door style.


Today’s dishwashers are vastly improved over older styles. Some are even whisper quiet. Make sure to look inside the models you are considering. There are differences in how tall a dish you can put in both the top and bottom racks. Some models also come with re-configurable racks which can be a bonus if you like to put all your dishes in the dishwasher and never handwash.

As a full-service kitchen remodeling company, we’ll help you choose the best appliances for your needs and budget. We can answer any questions about clearance or the best style for the proposed layout of your kitchen remodel. Let us help you from design to completion by calling (727) 412-8524 or filling out our contact form.