Choosing your cooktop needs to happen early in the remodeling process. Not only will the electric or gas need to be run to the right location, but your cabinet measurements will be taken based on the model you choose. There are four options for cooktops whether you choose a separate cooktop and oven or a stove. They include: coil based electric, smooth top electric, gas and induction. The right choice for your kitchen remodel depends on your cooking preference and budget.


Gas cooktops are a popular option but you’ll only want to make this choice if your home is equipped for gas. Running a gas line or adding a tank just to cook with will significantly increase your budget. Most who consider themselves an amateur chef or foodie will tell you that gas cooks more evenly. Gas cooktops and stoves come in many price points and configuration to work with just about any kitchen remodel.


There are two types of electric cooktops. The more modern choice in kitchen remodeling is the smooth top electric, sometimes called a ceramic top stove. When comparing these to the older style coils, there are significant differences. The two biggest benefits of the smoothtop is how much easier it is to clean than the coil or gas cooktop and the flexibility of burner sizes. However, be warned, they are prone to scratching and if you drop something on it, you can crack it leaving you without a stove until you can replace it. Electric will boil water and cook things more quickly than gas.


If you don’t have the right cookware, induction cooktops won’t cook your food. Rather than a heating element or gas, the induction cooktop uses magnetic interaction between the stove and the pan to cook the food. You can’t burn yourself on the stove itself which may be a benefit if you have children who like to help to cook. However, even if you don’t need all new pots and pans, induction cooktops are the most expensive option for any kitchen remodel.

Choosing the right cooktop comes down to personal preference and budget. Of course, different size units and different features will also influence the price no matter which option you choose. Jamco Unlimited can help you with all aspects of your kitchen remodel from design to choosing the right appliances to finishing your perfect kitchen. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 for your no obligation consultation.