For some homeowners, having cabinets that suit their storage needs perfectly is more important than what the outside looks like. If this describes you, then you want to start your cabinet search by looking at the options various semi-custom and custom cabinet manufacturers offer for inside the cabinets. Although some homeowners want something special in the bathroom, there are more storage options geared to meet the needs of kitchen remodeling designs. Here are just a few of the many options you can customize your cabinets with in different lines.

Dish Drawers

We often think that dishes belong in the upper cabinet. However, many manufacturers now offer dish drawers. These drawers have dowels placed specifically to hold plates and bowls. The benefit is that there’s no need to lift a heavy stack of dishes above you to put them away or get them out. It’s also great when you want your kids to be able to unload the dishwasher.

Knife and Silverware Drawers

Of course, no matter what cabinets you chose for your kitchen remodeling project, you’ll likely be able to find silverware and knife organizers that suit your needs. However, for organized homeowners, having an option that provides exactly what they need may require working with a custom cabinet maker.

Spice Storage

If you’re tired of those old spinning spice organizers or don’t want to take up an entire cabinet storing yours, look at some of the new options. One popular option is a pull-out lower cabinet with several shelves just the right width for spices. These are a great option when you have a non-standard size space and need something small to fill in for balance.

Organized Storage

Whether it’s pot and pan lids, cooking pans or storage containers that drive you nuts, you want organized storage. For some it’s drawers with dividers that hold what you need. For others it’s large drawers or pull our shelving to place each item you have in its own place. If you have a large appliance or something that you need a space for, talk to your kitchen remodeling company about its dimensions so they can make sure it has a place in your new kitchen.

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