Whether you’re kitchen or bathroom remodeling, you’re going to need a backsplash. It can be a design element that really adds to your overall design or just something that’s there to serve a purpose. We think that when you put a little thought into your backsplash design, that you’ll be happier overall with the end result of your remodel.

Bathroom Remodeling Backsplashes

One traditional approach is to use the same material that you have for your countertop about four inches high on the wall. This is the least expensive option, as most of the time you buy a slab or part of a slab and use that for both. However, one of the elements in virtually every bathroom remodeling project we undertake is tile. Lots of tile. People use it for flooring, shower walls and around the tub. Have you thought about using tile for your backsplash in your bathroom? After all, it works so well in the kitchen, why not? You can really make it quite an eye-catching feature too. Some people choose to go all the way up a wall with their tile. Other people go up to the mirror and then frame the mirror with the same tile. If you just want something simple, consider using the same tile you choose for your shower accent around your sink to tie the space together.

Backsplashes for Your Kitchen

The kitchen backsplash is a much bigger design element than the bath because it’s typically on every wall from the countertop up to the upper cabinets. Although tile is a common choice as is the same material as your countertops, it’s not the only option. In fact, you don’t have to choose just one material or one style of tile. Your backsplash can really add detail to your design and emphasize your remodeling style.

For example, have you thought about wood? Reclaimed wood, shiplap, beadboard and tongue-and-groove are all great options for everywhere except behind the stove or sink because wood doesn’t love water and it’s not that easy to clean. The right metal can look great with the wood and goes well behind a stove and sink. Of course, metal also works well throughout the kitchen or mixed with tile. Colored or textured glass is another option. You can get it in sheets or in a tile but glass works with many kitchen remodeling styles.

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