As you and your bathroom remodeling company work together on your bathroom remodel, you’re going to have many choices to make. You’ll need a style and color scheme to start with. Next, you’ll have to start choosing the right elements that all compliment each other and fit in your budget. One of the most important elements in setting the style and working in your color scheme is the bathroom vanity.

Think About Function First

Although we want the bathroom vanity we choose to look great in the space, we always advise our clients to think function over style. Start with who will be using the bathroom you’re remodeling. If it’s several siblings, you may want to have the right number of drawers, all of equal size and two sinks.

When you’re remodeling your master bathroom, talk with your bathroom remodeling company about the layout and whether there is space for a his and hers vanities or if you need to plan on sharing the vanity. That will may influence your choice.


Most cabinet manufacturers offer a variety of cabinet and drawer fronts. What cabinet styles go with various bathroom remodeling styles? If you’re looking for clean and modern, choose a flat front cabinet, Shaker style or another style with clean lines. Looking for a rustic or country feel in your bathroom remodel? Consider a cabinet with a layered look. Of course, you can also emphasize your style with decorative cabinet knobs or pulls.


Although you have a color scheme for your bathroom remodel, your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be one of the colors. It simply needs to compliment it. So, if you’re going for blues and greys, it’s perfectly ok to choose a dark stained wood. Likewise, if you’re bathroom remodel color pallet is more soft tones, you might want to consider a light color stain if you want natural wood. More than ever before the painted bathroom vanity is the most popular option because there are so many more paint colors that are safe in the humid environment of the bathroom.

Let Jamco Unlimited Help

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the many options for your bathroom remodel, call Jamco Unlimited. We’ll help you choose the right elements, including the bathroom vanity, to create a space you love today and for years to come. Call us at (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation today.