We’re fortunate that throughout the Tampa Bay area that there are many design styles we can draw from. With residents from all over the nation and world, your kitchen remodel can take on just about any style you desire from a Mediterranean, old world style or even a cozy farmhouse kitchen. However, one of the fastest growing trends in kitchen remodeling is the casual style kitchen remodel.

What Does “Casual Style Kitchen Remodel” Mean?

There is no one definition. However, this style of kitchen remodeling means that your kitchen feels comfortable and welcoming. It’s not ornate and it doesn’t have a specific design style.  Mostly you want a space that is visually appealing and functional.

Simple & Neutral

If you want a casual style kitchen, start with simple cabinetry. Shaker style are a great option, but so are any others with clean lines. Avoid ornate insets or curves in the décor. When it comes to choosing a color and finish, natural wood is an excellent choice, but so are neutral colors. We also advise a satin or matte finish rather than a high gloss one.

Consider quartz countertops as they are not generally as busy as granite. This will add to the clean look and feel of your kitchen. When choosing your lighting, look at traditional fixtures that don’t distract. If you want a pop of color, consider doing so in your backsplash tile or décor.

Comfortable and Plentiful Seating

One of the hallmarks of a welcoming space in a home is comfortable seating. There are many ways to do this in a casual style kitchen remodel. If you opt for bar seating, include chairs that look at feel good. A booth in the kitchen is another way to create a fun and informal setting that’s perfect for conversation and meals. Finally, if you have a small nook that’s not quite big enough for a traditional table, consider a few smaller chairs and a coffee table between them. It allows your guests a place to sit and chat while you complete any final meal preparations during a visit.

We’re Ready to Help

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