The stark contrast of black and white bathrooms is again on trend. This longstanding pairing never looks dated and provides many decorating options. If you’re looking for a modern bathroom remodel or want to keep it traditional, this neutral color scheme works, as long as you do it right. When you work with a designer at a bathroom remodeling company, they’ll help you balance the ratio of black and white for just the right look from fresh to dramatic. There are three ways you can go, each gives a different feel.

Black with White

This dramatic looks can make a bathroom feel closed in so make sure the space you’re considering has natural light before making black the primary color. If yours doesn’t have much light, talk to your bathroom remodeling company about adding a large window or even several transom windows. A black vanity with a countertop with black and white can really make for a dynamic area. If you decide to go with a very dark countertop be sure to balance the dark with a chrome or nickel faucet.

White with Black

A predominately white bathroom with black accent can feel clean and luxurious. However, too much white and it will feel sterile and institutional. Consider a white vanity and sinks with black fixtures and cabinet knobs. Another great place to add black is in some accent tile around the tub or even create a boarder in the floor with black accent tiles.


Coming up with a nice balance of black and white will give the space a retro-feel. One more modern and creative way of mixing black and white is to use white tile with black grout. Your best choice for a vanity would be black for the pop. If you then add white countertops with black fixtures, you’ll have excellent balance of black and white.

As you look for finishing touches, consider towels that are black and white with just a splash of color. Or, choose artwork with black frames, white mats and one bit of color. You can stick with another neutral as the accent or you can go bold with gold, red, or any vibrant color. Just be careful not to add multiple colors or the same color in many shades or you’ll dilute the black and white theme.

When properly done, there’s nothing quite like a black and white bathroom. The bathroom remodeling company with experience in all types of bathroom remodels is Jamco Unlimited. We have many suppliers with options to make your space just what you want it to be. Reach us by filling out our contact form or calling (727) 412-8524 today for your free in home consultation.