There are three ways you can go about remodeling your kitchen. You can do it yourself. You can hire a separate designer and general contractor or you can hire a kitchen remodeling company. When you combine the experience a kitchen remodeling company brings to the project, their ability to share their experience with different brands of products and seamless workflow, hiring a kitchen remodeling company simply makes more sense.

Experienced Designers & Builders

Yes, experienced designers create kitchens that look great and function well. Builders or general contractors know code and best construction methods. But what neither brings to the table is the knowledge of the best kitchen cabinetry, appliances as well as the pros and cons of different countertop and backsplash materials. When you work with a kitchen remodeling company, they’ll design the space and help you choose cabinetry that works with your budget and needs and be there through completion.

One Point of Contact

Sometimes something doesn’t go quite right in a remodel. If you’ve worked with at designer who designed the space and the contractor is trying to build it out and something doesn’t work because a measurement is off or a wall is loadbearing, you have an issue. Who takes the blame and absorbs the additional cost for materials? When you choose a kitchen remodeling company you have one point of contact. The company is solely responsible for your remodel.

Shorter Time to Completion

When you work with one company, they know their schedule and how quickly they can complete the job. If you hire a designer, take the plans to a builder for an estimate, and then they get you their time estimate, you’ll find that your project takes two weeks to more than a month longer. You’ll also find that it’s less expensive to work with one company on the entire project than several different ones.

Why Not DIY?

Putting it simply, a DIY kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. From obtaining permits, ensuring you have all the right tools and managing delivery of the different kitchen elements you need and want can be overwhelming. Do you have the time to take off work? Or the patience to live without a kitchen for as long as it takes? This is why DIY kitchen remodels rarely makes sense.

We’re the Kitchen Magicians

If you’re convinced that hiring just one company for your kitchen remodel is the right way to go, trust the kitchen remodeling company with a long history in the Tampa Bay area. Jamco Unlimited is ready to meet with you and provide a no obligation consultation for your home remodeling needs. Call us today at (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form.