bathtub styles

As you and your bathroom remodeler are planning to replace your tub, don’t just choose a new one that’s what you’ve always had or seen, consider something new. A bathtub should not only suit the style of your space, but also your needs and wants. The three main classifications of bathtub styles are:

  • Traditional tub/shower combination units
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Corner tubs

All of these can have some of the features that will make the tub you choose exactly right for your space.

Traditional Tub/Shower Units

Sometimes these are called alcove tubs as they are most often surrounded by three walls. Today you can find deeper than standard tubs and whirlpool style tub/shower units. However, most often these are either a full tub and surround or a tub and your bathroom remodeler will cover the walls with tile.

Freestanding Tubs

Out of the main bathtub styles, these continue to grow in popularity. They come in variations and can be deep if you want a soaking or whirlpool tub. Some freestanding tubs are made for a vintage look and come in a clawfoot style. Many opt for a freestanding tub because of the many shapes, sizes and colors freestanding tubs come in.

Something to keep in mind is that you’ll need to tile the floor behind the tub as well and possibly the walls. Each tub has a slightly different configuration so you may realize you need a faucet that comes out of the floor or wall which could add to your budget if the plumber needs to make a major change to your bathroom plumbing.

Corner Tubs

These have been the most popular option for master bathrooms for decades now. They are not as popular today. That doesn’t mean they are the wrong choice for your home. One of the benefits of a corner tub is that they are great for two people. If you want a jacuzzi option, corner tubs often have more jets than any of the other bathtub styles.

Tub in the Shower

This is a fairly new trend. Instead of a separate shower and tub area, the entire space is tiled. The tub sits in the back portion of the enclosed shower area. There are pros and cons to this approach. If you have kids who will be using the tub, you never need to stress about cleaning up a mess on the floor. On the other hand, your tub will get likely need regular cleaning even if it’s not used simply because of its location.

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