Bathtub liners are marketed as an inexpensive solution to your time-worn bathtub. What they don’t share in those commercials is that although you can change the look, you also may be covering up many problems. Bathroom remodeling is always a better solution to solving these problems.  Here are some issues that come with those liners.

Liners Trap Mold and Mildew

If one of the things you’re trying to get rid of is the moldy grout that just can’t be cleaned, a bathtub liner only hides it. The moisture in the bathroom will allow the mold and mildew to continue growing which can be a health hazard. And if they’re not sized and installed properly, water can get between the old tub and the liner.

Water Damage Isn’t Fixed

Many bathrooms have water damage behind old tile and tubs. Unless you’ve meticulously maintained your grout and caulk around the tub, chances are good that you have some water damage underneath the tub or on the sub-floor around it. In some cases, pipes or drains leak which, if not repaired, can lead to even bigger problems.

They Feel Odd

Homeowners who contact us about our bathroom remodeling services who already tried a liner as an option report that standing in the tub feels odd, sometimes they use the terms “squishy” or “unstable”. This is often due to poor sizing or water that gets between the liner and old tub.

They’re Not as Inexpensive as You May Think

Although they’re cheaper than a total bathroom remodel, they can cost a few thousand dollars. A new alcove tub (like those found in most secondary bathrooms) are under $500 and with new tile you may end up spending about the same as you would in supplies for the liner. You may want to consider investing in a bathroom remodel rather than a liner and have a long-term solution.

As a bathroom remodeling company we’ve seen our fair share of homes that tried to use a bathtub liner only to discover some of these issues. If you’re trying to figure out how to give your bathroom a fresh look and fix the water damage from cracked tile or poor caulk, the only real option is a bathroom remodel. Jamco Unlimited can help with all your bathroom remodeling needs and work within your budget. Call us today for your free evaluation – (727) 412-8524.