No matter what type of home remodel you’re undergoing you want it to be smooth and end up the way you envisioned. Follow these great bathroom remodeling tips and you’re more likely to end up with a bathroom you love whether it’s a master bath or a small guest bathroom. Of course, the first step is to hire an experienced and qualified bathroom remodeling company.

Be Realistic with Your Plans

Whether you’ve sketched your ideas or your bathroom remodeling company helped you with a plan, be realistic in your use of space, budget and the timeline. One of the worst things with any type of remodel is the unexpected that invariably comes up. We’ve all seen the home remodeling show where something delays the completion and raises the cost. Remember that a small full bathroom is sometimes as little as just 35 square feet and although cosmetic changes can make a big difference, it’s not going to feel much bigger.

Storage is Essential

Even if you think that open shelving is a great modern look, there are things you don’t want sitting out all the time.  Make sure to include some storage for your essentials that you don’t want everyone who comes into your bathroom to see. If you’re eliminating a linen closet for more space, have a plan for what’s been in it up until now. Sometimes a better vanity with more useful space is enough, other times you may want to consider a cabinet above the toilet. Before your finalize your bathroom remodeling plans, make sure everything you need in the space has it’s place.

Choose Quality

When you choose a cheap faucet or cabinetry for your bathroom, you’ll be disappointed. Cheap faucets corrode quickly which look bad. Because of the humidity in the bathroom, the finish on cheap cabinetry will begin to bubble and peel quickly leading to the need to replace them again. When you choose quality materials, your remodel will last and look great longer, meaning you won’t invest any more into the space other than a few new lightbulbs and a can of paint.

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