There are many myths surrounding home remodeling but bathroom remodeling seems to have its own myths. As a remodeler, we are often told by homeowners that they want something, but know it’s not feasible. Sometimes they just say, “we’ve heard ….” and we work to correct that misconception or clarify their understanding. Here are the most common bathroom remodeling myths we’d like you to know aren’t true.

You Have to Have a Big Bathroom

It’s not all about size, but more about function. A good remodeling company can work within the space you have to improve it without taking space from another room. One example is to incorporate pull-out shelving and convert a conventional linen closet to a cabinet, to create more useable storage space.

Low Flow Toilets Don’t Flush Everything

There was a time early in their development where low flow toilets didn’t do the best job. However, today’s low flow and dual flush toilets work well and save water. If this is your only objection to beginning your bathroom remodel, don’t let this stop you.

Every Bathroom Needs a Shower & Tub

As long as you have one tub in your home, converting one tub/shower combo to a stand-alone shower will not impact resale. If you need to remodel a bathroom in order to make a bathroom fit a mobility challenged person, you likely won’t want a tub. Many couples prefer a larger shower over a small shower and separate tub. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are few hard and fast rules anymore.

You Need a Plan Before You Call a Remodeler

This is perhaps one of the biggest falsehoods. You need a plan before you hire a general contractor, however, when you work with a design-build company or bathroom remodeling company, part of their cost includes the design work. We do recommend that you be able to communicate the must haves for your new space at the very least. Some might include whether you want a separate shower and tub or if you need two vanities.

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