If you’re ready to start a bathroom remodeling project, you’ll want to avoid these common mistakes. Whether you’re working with a bathroom remodeling company or doing it yourself, these mistakes can impact your budget and add time to your project.

Plan Your Plumbing

If you’re undergoing a major remodel and don’t plan out all your plumbing prior to closing up the walls, you’re going to waste time. Having a plumber come back a second time also can add considerable expense. A couple of commonly overlooked plumbing mistakes are knowing where your sink faucet will go – is it a countertop or wall mount. The same can be said for your tub – some have a place in the tub others go in the wall. Don’t forget about your shower heads. What height is right for your family?

Electrical Considerations

If you’re running electric yourself, you’ll need a permit. You’ll also need an inspection. If you don’t know your local code, you’re risking having to re-do parts of your electric and possibly even your tile. This is an especially common mistake with whirlpool style tubs.

How Much Tile Do You Need?

Tile has batches. If you buy what you think is just enough tile and then realize you’re short you may have a problem finding the same batch weeks or months later. Worse, you may not be able to find the same tile at all. This can cause a big headache and cost you hundreds of dollars in material, as well as lots of time and frustration.

Hanging Towel Bars

Are you hanging towel bars in your tile? Do you have the right tools to do this without cracking the tile? If you do crack a piece, do you have the right extra tile to replace it? It’s worth the money to buy the right type of drill bit for your tile rather than risk breaking a piece during installation.

Hiring the Wrong Remodeler

Hiring the wrong bathroom remodeling company is the biggest mistake you can make. When you hire a less than experienced or unprofessional company, you will be disappointed with the process and results. When you call Jamco Unlimited, you’ll find that we’re a professional bathroom remodeling company with decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Don’t risk being unhappy with your new bathroom, instead call the bathroom magicians at (727) 412-8524.