Every year new styles emerge for everything from cars to clothing. Bathroom remodeling is no different. You may think that there’s little that can be different in a small space but you may be surprised at some of these latest trends and styles for 2019. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel and want to stay on top of the latest, here are some ideas you’ll want to consider.


Marble has become the natural stone of choice in the bathroom. It has so many uses beyond just the countertop. If you hate trying to keep your shower grout clean, consider marble slabs for your shower walls and floor. If you’re concerned about slipping, your stone company will sandblast the floor for a non-slip surface. And don’t be afraid to choose marble for your backsplash around a sunken tub or even up a wall.

Spa Features

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a spa that you feel relaxed? It’s the combination of soft colors and soft lighting. Consider indirect lighting on a separate switch in your bathroom from the lighting you may use to apply makeup or shave. When you need to relax turn on the spa light and bask in the soft warm glow.

Other spa features include heated towel bars, waterfall showers and heated floors. Sure, we may be in Florida but who doesn’t love being pampered with a warm towel after a shower. And we all know that on those cold mornings there are few things worse than the cold tile.

Statement Mirrors

Don’t just hang a piece of mirrored glass on the wall, find just the right mirror for your space. A statement mirror can be any shape and size you need and really make a statement about your space. Just make sure that the finish can stand up to the high humidity in the bathroom.

Storage Ledges

We’ve had storage cubbies in the shower for years. They are a great way to keep everything you need within easy reach. However, we’re beyond the cubby now and into the ledge. And those ledges aren’t restricted to the shower. If you have a separate tub, consider a ledge for keeping the things you need in the bath handy. Or if you don’t have a large vanity or a medicine cabinet, consider a storage ledge near your sink. You may be surprised at how handy it can be.

Bathroom remodeling in 2019 includes some great new ideas that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling company, call Jamco Unlimited we’re local and we’ll help you choose just the right style and features for your new space. Call today to schedule your free consultation – (727) 412-8524.