Once you’re done choosing your cabinets and a coordinating countertop, you’ll want to decide on your backsplash. Ideally, your kitchen remodeling company will then share with you the many options for your backsplash. We believe the backsplash is an important element. It’s highly visible and not only serves a purpose but it also ties the cabinets and countertops together. If you’ve not thought much about yours for your kitchen remodel, here are some things to consider.

Full or Partial

A full backsplash fills the entire wall between the counters and upper cabinets. Partial backsplashes are about 4” – 4.5” in height which is equal to about one 4”X4” square tile with a trim piece. Some homeowners choose a piece of granite to go up their walls for their backsplash if they only want a partial backsplash.

Of course, with a partial backsplash, you need fewer materials and there is less installation time so it’s generally a more budget friendly option. If you like to change the color scheme in your home often, because there is paint between your cabinets and backsplash, you can keep the backsplash neutral and change the color just by repainting, which is much cheaper than a new backsplash installation.

Full backsplashes better protect the wall. No matter how washable a paint it, grease and moisture will eventually take its toll on your walls and you’ll need to re-paint. You can also create a visual design to showcase your style with a full backsplash. On the negative side, you’ll spend more for a full backsplash.


The other major consideration is what materials you’re going to use. Perhaps the most common for both partial and full backsplashes today is tile. Tile’s advantages include the huge selection, ability to create a design, and wide price range of options. On the downside, you’ll have to keep the grout clean. Some people still choose the countertop material for a backsplash but that can get expensive depending on how much you want and what you have left from your slabs.

Metal backsplashes are growing in popularity. Depending on the metal you choose you may have to work hard to keep it clean and looking great. It’s a good idea to know how much work will be required for the metal you choose, if this is your decision. Your kitchen remodeling company will know the work required for the options they offer. Another common choice is exposed brick. Even if you don’t have brick to expose, you can install faux brick or brick fronts to give your kitchen a more rustic look. Cleaning brick can be a trick so keep that in mind before settling on it.

Jamco Unlimited is more than just a kitchen remodeling company, we’re a design-build company. We think the backsplash is an important design element and we’ll work with you to find just the right one for your kitchen remodel. Call (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation.