Awards and Media

2015 Awards

This customer was no longer able to climb stairs to their office without becoming short of breath. Jamco stepped in and placed a beautiful residential elevator, actually creating an addition to house the unit. Jamco’s expertise now lets this customer breath easy.

The customer purchased this town house 15 years ago and never expected to stay. Jamco found the perfect place to add an elevator inside. This beautiful addition stands next to a staircase illuminated by a hanging chandelier.

2014 Awards

With this beautiful Kitchen Jamco won the honor of 1st place for Residential Home with a cost under 40,000. This kitchen was designed with warm colors that invite you in. Every house is not a home, and every kitchen isn’t Jamco quality.

This home won the award for whole home remodel under 250,000. Each room done masterfully by Jamco, but the highlight of this home is the custom surfboard converted into a shower by the Magician himself.

2011 Awards

This newly remodeled commercial dentist office is comfortable, clean, and thanks to Jamco it looks great. Jamco remodeled this entire office and with great pricing it did not cost this dentist an arm and an a leg, or a tooth.

2010 Awards

This beautiful kitchen won Jamco Unlimited 1st place for a kitchen under 40,000 category. You can clearly see where Jamco’s designers and craftsman create the perfect combination of beauty and design. A beautiful kitchen by 1st class remodelers, bon appitite.

This remodel was a special one, the religious requirements called for some creative plumbing. That did not deter Jamco from creating this wonderful place of worship. The Mikvah includes a beautiful mural as well as spectacular tile work throughout the interior, including the stunning blue mosaic tiles in the pool.