One of the great things about remodeling a bathroom is that you can make it yours. Because it’s your space and you’re starting from scratch, you can incorporate just about anything you want. One of the more common trends today is using furniture elements in a bathroom remodel. In fact, this has become so popular that many cabinet manufacturers now offer furniture style elements in their cabinet lines.

The Origin of the Vanity

A vanity desk was a place for a woman to sit and get ready for the day. It had drawers and some had built in jewelry boxes. It’s where the water bowl sat for washing. Although it’s not common to have a place to sit in the bathroom anymore, your current countertop, sink and cabinet stems from these early pieces typically found in the bedroom or dressing area.

Today’s Furniture Style Vanity

It’s highly probably that your bathroom remodel includes replacing your existing vanity. If you’re looking to add a bit of style to the space, consider a vanity with legs (real or fake) and a decorative front. Instead of an area to sit in front of, look at options with storage.

Using Existing Pieces

Many homeowners have old furniture pieces they love that don’t have a good home. Some examples are wardrobes and china cabinets. These make excellent storage pieces with style in your bathroom. You remodeling company can help create a space perfect for a piece you love and find a new vanity that compliments it in style and color.

Create a Cabinet

If you can’t find exactly what you want, talk to your remodeler about building a custom wall unit. This is a great idea when you have an odd space to fill that you don’t want to go to waste. Just be sure to talk about this prior to selecting the vanity so that everything looks like it goes together.

Looking for Design Assistance for Your Bathroom Remodel?

We can help! If you have a specific idea or even a particular piece you’d like to add to your bathroom remodel, call Jamco Unlimited. We offer cabinetry from many manufacturers and can work with a piece you have and make it fit in your space and design. Call (727) 412-8524 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation.