Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? Dreaming about a space that you love and that works for your family but aren’t sure if you have a good enough reason? Let me assure you that if you don’t love your kitchen, you won’t use it. That means you’ll either eat out, order in or snack far more than you should. We have five great reasons why you should remodel your kitchen.

You’ll Eat Healthier

According to a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 92% of restaurant meals have more calories than recommended for the average person. That means, if you’re hoping to stick to an 1800 – 2400 calorie day, one meal eaten out can exceed your daily recommendation for calories.

Quality Family Time

One of the most common requests in a kitchen remodel is for better prep space. Preparing meals together is a great time to catch up with your kids and spouse. Plus, you may even be able to interest picky eaters in trying something new if they’ve helped prepared it.

Better Entertainment Space

No matter how we try to prepare a meal ahead of time and entertain our guests on the lanai or in the living room, we always seem to end up in the kitchen. Many times, the best way to create a better space for entertaining is to open up the living area and kitchen. If you have a screened lanai, consider a pass through to be able to hand food out from your kitchen or a sliding glass door for easy access in and out from the kitchen rather than living room.


One of the top must haves we hear in a kitchen remodeling planning session is better storage. Are you tired of storing your appliances in the laundry room or even in the garage? Cabinets with pull-out shelving and well-planned storage spaces solve storage issues.

It’s Not Your Style

If your kitchen stands out, and not in a good way, it probably doesn’t suit your style. Remodeling to either update it to today’s styles or to suit your style is a great reason to invest in your home. Especially if you plan on living there for many more years.

Turn to Jamco Unlimited for an Exceptional Kitchen Remodel

There’s no arguing that a kitchen remodel can be an expensive and messy venture. However, the end result is worth it no matter why you want a new space. If you’re ready, call Jamco Unlimited at (727) 412-8524. We service the greater Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Tampa areas and have been for more than 25 years. Trust us with yours by calling today.